Monday, April 13, 2009

♥ hypocrite fren ♥

Monday, April 13, 2009

there is a friend who once told me, that she has hypocrite does not only mean that her friend is a hypocrite,but also she,my friend..believe it or not, accept it or not,u must have this situation...

u dont like that person, but she's the only one that u can be friend with,it's not that u dont have other friend, but in some situation u have to be friend with her...from outside people think that we're best friend, we're close to each other..

but actually it is not..NOT NOT NOT

we only friend with this hypocrite only some situation..but to hang out huhahuha,happy2,tell our secret to her,express our feeling n all that, there's no way we want to that hypocrite...mebi hang out but not only ME n SHE!

i also have one..recently...actually before this,we're quite close but not that close like best friend,we just close in ***************,thats all..

but then, i just found out,her attitude that i dont like,that is,big talking n always think she "prety much",alwys want atention espcly frm i stay away from her, but recently she keeps mingling with me...i think i've already show my 'uninterested face' towards her...anyhow,just stay away...UNFORTUNATELY....she's in the same ******** n same ******** n same ********** with me...aaaaa.....thank goodness not my neighbor...i coincidentally,met my i asked her,can i be her neighbor,she's happy too..eheeee ...

p/s: i hate to be hypocrite but..i hav to....

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norraien said...[Reply to comment]

wah speaking lg hehe..
sape weh???
adekah ako kenal hehe

rossoneri said...[Reply to comment]

hahahahahahahahahahaha...aku dah rasa nak pecah perut xterpecah2... hahahahaha

cek ezza inchik aman said...[Reply to comment]

ina mongok....
aku pon nk gelak tp kompius..

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

siapaka gerangan orang itu?
boleh beta tau?

lexXa said...[Reply to comment]

xde ceta br ker?
sape dak yg hipocrite tuh?

masaklemakrebung said...[Reply to comment]

ish... yang ni asyik marah je.. asyik stresss je.. mai sini kaunter 7 amek ubat penenang.. Nak inject atau pil.. hmmmm

chek ezza inchik man said...[Reply to comment]

takde kene mengena ngan org2 dlm blog ni pon..
dats y la i wrote...
bukn ke kalau kite menulis...
kite lega lepas tu..
even org yg dimaksudkan takdek blog
neway..korg tak kenal bah..

arep pendy said...[Reply to comment]

sumtime we hav to...
lumrah beb

chek ezza inchik man said...[Reply to comment]

but i'm so tired la..
act cm ni je..
tp tak pe..
i luv my fren...
true fren!

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